Tuning and Adjusting Pitch
in SmartMusic

You can check your tuning by clicking TUNER in the upper right of the SM Module (or in the “Help” menu).

Across the top of the tuner, you have the choices:
Instrument (Flute, Clarinet, etc., this will be automatically set by the last piece you played but you can change it in the drop down menu);
Classic Tuner (left button) or Linear Tuner (right button, my preference);
Tune to which will sound the notes A, Bb, C, Eb or F Concert but will not indicate if you are flat or sharp;
Listen when chosen plays a reference note for whatever pitch you have played;
Full Screen - it is also possible to adjust the size (bottom, right corner) and

When you play a note, the note name will be displayed in the box at the bottom centre.

If your microphone level is too high the tuner is often very jittery - so lower the input level.

Adjusting Pitch

You can change the Tuner from Standard Pitch (A=440) by typing in a new number (from 400 and 480) in the Settings/Advanced settings on your SM Home page. This new value will remain until you change it again, even after you close the program. It will also affect the pitch in the playback of all SM files.

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