Adjusting the Tempo

The Tempo is displayed on the left of the SM play window as a metronome value and a graph.

You can change this number by:
(1) typing in a new value
(2) moving the scroll bar to the left (slower) or right (faster)
(3) using the “Up” & “Down” arrows on your computer keyboard (once to number has been selected (clicked).

all three methods can be used while a file is playing.

These tempo changes will affect your entire piece. If there is a later tempo change, it will be affected proportionally. For example, in a work which starts 100 and later changes to 200, if you changed 100 to 90, the later tempo 200 would also change (to 180).

TIP: I use the up & down arrows for both personal practice and with my students because it is the fastest.

For a more precise control of tempo and tempo changes in a specific region use Customize.

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