Friedrich Kuhlau
Flute Quintet
in D Major (Op. 51, No. 1)
for Flute and Strings

Friedrich Kuhlau, composer and pianist, was born on September 11, 1786 in Uelzen (Germany, near Hanover) and died on March 12, 1832 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is considered one of the foremost representatives of late Classical Period (1750-1825) and early Romantic Period (1825-1900) music in Denmark.

He composed a wide variety of music including several Operas and a large number of works for Piano (solos, chamber works and one concerto) and, of course, the Flute: Solo Flute (Op. 10a, 38, 57 & 95); 2 Flutes (Op. 10b, 39, 80, 81, 87 & 102); 3 Flutes (Op. 13, 86 & 90); 4 Flutes (Op. 103); more than a dozen works for Flute and Piano; and the 3 Quintets (Op. 51, composed 1822) for Flute and Strings (Violin, 2 Violas & Cello).

It is often incorrectly assumed that Kuhlau played the Flute - he did not!

Full string sounds (“tutti strings”) have been employed in the smp files because of the very inferior sounds for solo string used in SmartMusic since version 9 (the solo string sounds before version 9 were quite good - far less strident). Also included are “X” versions of the smp files, which do employ solo string sounds (i.e., solo violin, viola & cello).

Solo Flute part - 9”X12” - 20 pages - $14.95
with CD - 8 smp files - regular & “X” versions of:
- 1st Movement (4/4, Allegro, quarter = 120);
- 2nd Movement (3/4, Minuet & Trio, Allegro con spirito, quarter = 120);
- 3rd Movement (3/4, Adagio ma non troppo, quarter = 72);
- 4th Movement (6/8, Allegro assai, quarter = 96).
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and an active SmartMusic subscription is needed to play smp files

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