Antonín Reicha
Clarinet Quintet
in Bb Major
for Clarinet and Strings

Antonín Reicha, composer, was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia on February 26, 1770 and died in Paris, France on May 28, 1836. Reicha studied violin, piano and flute. After his father’s death in 1771, Antonín was adopted by his uncle Joseph Reicha (1746-1795), a cellist, conductor and composer.

When Joseph was appointed as musical director to the Elector of Cologne, Germany in 1788, Antonín moved with him to Bonn, Germany, where he played 2nd flute in the orchestra of Maximilian of Austria - the orchestra in which Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) played viola.

When the orchestra was dissolved in 1794, Reicha went to Hamburg and, in 1799, to Paris, where he remained until his death.

Reicha composed a large quantity of Chamber Music: an Octet (for 4 strings and 4 winds), 24 Woodwind Quintets (for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Horn), 6 Strings Quintets, 20 String Quartets, 6 String Trios, 6 Flute Quartets (for Flute & String Trio), one Clarinet Quintet (this one) and numerous quartets, trios and duos for a variety of instruments.

Full string sounds (“tutti strings”) have been employed in the smp files because of the very inferior sounds for solo string used in SmartMusic since version 9 (the solo string sounds before version 9 were quite good - far less strident).
Also included are “X” versions of the smp files, which do employ solo string sounds (i.e., solo violin, viola & cello).

9”X12” - 16 pages - $14.95
CD - 10 smp files - regular & “X” versions of:
- 1st Movement (4/4, Allegro, quarter = 120);
- 2nd Movement (4/4, Andante, quarter = 72);
- 3rd Movement (3/4, Minuet & Trio, Allegro, dotted half = 68);
- 4th Movement (6/8, Rondo, Allegretto, dotted quarter = 80);
- Complete (All four movements).
Please note that this is NOT an Audio CD
and an active SmartMusic subscription is needed to play smp files

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