Felix Mendelssohn
Concert Piece No. 2
in D Minor (Op. 114)
for Clarinet, Basset Horn
and Orchestra

Felix Mendelssohn(-Barthody), composer, was born on February 3, 1809 in Hamburg, Germany and died on November 4, 1847 in Leipzig, Germany. Despite his relatively short life, Mendelssohn composed a large amount of music including Concertos (3 for Piano, 2 for two Pianos, 1 for Violin & Piano, and 2 for Violin - the second one being the famous Violin Concerto in E Minor); several Overtures; 13 Sinfonia (String Symphonies) and 5 Symphonies.

The numbering of his Symphonies is both interesting and confusing: No. 1 (1824), No. 2 (1840), No. 3 (The Scottish, 1842), No. 4 (The Italian, 1833) and No. 5 (The Reformation, 1832)

He met Clarinet virtuoso Heinrich Baermann (1784-1847) in 1829 and became good friends. Both Concert Piece No. 1 in F Minor (Op. 113) & Concert Piece No. 2 in D Minor (Op. 114) were composed for Clarinet, Basset Horn (in F) and Piano in December 1832 and first performed in January 1833 with Baermann on Clarinet, his son Carl (1811-1885) on Basset Horn and Mendelssohn on Piano.

He orchestrated Concert Piece No. 1 later that year but never did get around to orchestrating Concert Piece No. 2.   It was eventually orchestrated by Carl Baermann, now thought to be Heinrich’s Bassoonist brother Carl (1782-1842), rather than his son.


This work can be played with:
Clarinet & Basset Horn and Orchestra (the original)
Clarinet & Bass Clarinet and Orchestra
Two Clarinets and Orchestra
Clarinet & Bassoon and Orchestra

This deluxe edition - $14.95 - includes:
Solo Bb Clarinet - 9”X12” - 12 pages
Basset Horn & Alternate Parts - 9”X12” - 20 pages
contains the 2nd part for: Basset Horn (the original), Bass Clarinet (or 2nd Bb Clarinet) and Bassoon

CD - 5 smp files:
- 2/2, Presto (half = 116); 6/8, Andante (eighth = 138); 2/4, Allegretto grazioso (quarter = 108).
- Five versions of the work:
- original - Display & Solo (audio) is Solo Clarinet
- BH - Display & Solo (audio) is both Solo Clarinet & Basset Horn
- BC - Display & Solo (audio) is both Solo Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
- CS - Display & Solo (audio) is both Solo Clarinet & 2nd Bb Clarinet
- BN - Display & Solo (audio) is both Solo Clarinet & Bassoon

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and an active SmartMusic subscription is needed to play smp files

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