Setting the Reverb Level
in SmartMusic

The setting for Reverb in the Settings/Microphone and speakers on your SM Home page. Reverb is short for “reverberation”.

If you are new to “reverb”, the usual mistake is choosing either too little (i.e., totally off) or far too much (Taj Mahal). A little reverb is good and necessary . If there is no reverb, the playback doesn’t sound realistic because there is always a degree of natural reverberation in any live performance in any room or hall. Without any reverb the playback sounds “dead” (dry). If the reverb level is too high, it will interfere with your ability to play accurately with the accompaniment.

“Small Room”, which is quite good, appears to be the default setting (it used to be “Small Hall” which was far too high a level) - experiment with various settings.

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