Recording Yourself with your SmartMusic Accompaniment

On every “take”, you and whatever you are hearing in the playback will be recorded - your customized Full Orchestral Accompaniment (but also any Metronome click or count in).

It is wisest to record a few measures first to check microphone level and balance before trying to record a longer work.

You can listen to any of the “take” whenever you want and save any as MP3s.

You can also record yourself without any accompaniment by choosing Practice tools from the SM home page (if you have music displayed click “DONE”) - simply click “Start take”. This is an excellent way to hear your own tone, etc.

It is also possible to record just the accompaniment (e.g. , at various tempos) by setting the mic input level to zero. SM will alert that it did not detect any sounds but will record and save as an MP3.

This is a good way to create your own practice MP3s for when you are away from home. This is legal for your own personal use but selling, lending, trading or even giving to others is illegal.

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