with Full Accompaniment

An active SmartMusic subscription is needed to play smp files. For information about system requirements, cost and how to subscribe to SM visit www.smartmusic.com

Each Flute Solo comes with a full size (9” X 12”) printed Solo part (on 100 Lb. Offset paper), which has been prepared for actual use in performance, with realistic page turns, tempo indications with metronome markings, cues of the accompaniment part in longer rests, articulations, dynamics, measure numbers at the beginning of each staff, fingering suggestions, brief composer and background information.

In addition - a CD containing SmartMusic smp files with complete Accompaniment with a realistic sound - each instrument is on a separate track (channel) with a different pan (right/left placement) typical of a standard Chamber Music group (1st & 2nd Violin on the left, Viola & Cello on the right, etc.).

The Solo Flute part also displays on the computer screen with a moving cursor (which can be shut off) to help follow the music.

The audio for the solo part uses a Flute sound and can be listened to with the accompaniment, alone or turned off.

Full string sounds (“tutti strings”) have been employed in the smp files because of the very inferior sounds for solo strings used in SmartMusic since version 9 (the solo string sounds before version 9 were quite good - far less strident). Also included is an extra set of smp files (the “X” versions) which do employ solo string sounds (i.e., solo violin, viola & cello).

You can customize your accompaniment (and save the changes) in a large variety of ways (see Using SmartMusic ).

Flute Chamber Music Solos with SM Accompaniment
($14.95 each) currently available:

Bach, J. S. - Flute Sonatas

Crusell, Bernhard Henrik - Fl Quartet in D Major for Flute & Str (Op. 8)

Danzi, Franz - Flute Quartet in D Minor for Flute & Str (Op. 56, No. 2)

Danzi, Franz - Flute Quintet in B Minor for Flute & Str (Op. 50, No. 2)

Krommer, Franz Vinzenz - Fl Quintet in E Minor for Fl & Str (Op. 55)

Kuhlau, Fredrich - Fl Quintet in D Major for Flute & Str (Op. 51, No. 1)

Kuhlau, Fredrich - Flute Quintet in E Minor for Fl & Str (Op. 51, No. 2)

Kuhlau, Fredrich - Flute Quintet in A Major for Fl & Str (Op. 51, No. 3)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Flute Quartets for Flute & Strings:

Volume 1 - D Major (K. 285) & G Major (K. 285a)
Volume 2 - C Major (K. 285b) & A Major (K. 298)

See also: Mozart - Four Sonatas for Flute and Piano
arranged from Flute Quartets (K. 285, K, 285a, K. 285b & K. 298)

Ries, Ferdinand - Flute Quintet in B Minor for Flute & Str (Op. 107)

(in preparation)

Romberg, Andreas - 9 Flute Quintets for Flute & Strings (Op. 1, 21 & 41)

(in preparation)

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