Elementary Level
Clarinet Solos
Volume 2

A collection of 12 Elementary Level Clarinet Solos.  
The first 4 solos are entirely low register;
No. 5 has 1 note in the 2nd register (optional 1st register fingering)
No. 9 is Grade 3 (2nd year of playing)
No. 10 is Grade 4 (2nd year of playing)
Nos. 11 & 12 are Grade 5 (3rd year of playing)

1.  Blue Danube (Johann Strauss, Jr.)
2.  Spring from The Four Seasons - 2nd Movement (Antonio Vivaldi)
3.  Pomp And Circumstance March No. 1 - Trio (Edward Elgar)
4.  Funeral March Of A Marionette (Charles Gounod)
5.  La Donna É Mobile from Rigoletto (Giuseppe Verdi)
6.  Peter And The Wolf - Themes: The Cat; Peter (Sergei Prokofiev)
7.  An American in Paris - Love theme (George Gershwin)
8.  Bolero - Clarinet Solo (Maurice Ravel)
9.  Carol from Five Bagatelles, Op. 23 (Gerald Finzi)
10.  Romance  - 2nd Mvt from Clarinet Concerto No. 3 (Carl Stamitz)
11.  Etude in C Major - Op. 63, No. 10 (Carl Baermann)
12.  Valse Triste - Op. 35, No. 7 (Reinhold Glière)

$19.95 includes: 
Solo Book (20 pages) and Piano Accompaniment Book (20 pages)
Audio CD of Clarinet (Full Left) and Piano (Full right)
CD also contain ®SmartMusic *smp files of each piece with orchestra accompaniment
* an active ®SmartMusic subscription is needed to play smp files

Duet Book also available

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