Classical Collection Inc. Publications

Classical Collection Inc publications are currently available in a number of Canadians music stores (dealer’s requests are always welcome!).

Most of the music and accompaniments published by Classical Collection Inc are available for purchase on this web site - visit the web page of the individual piece.


Because we want to make our publications available worldwide:
- prices are US dollars
- to allow an easier price comparison (i.e., most people have a good idea of the value of their currency against the US Dollar)


*shipping & handling costs are extra
$0-19.99 - $6.50;
$20-49.99 - $10.50;
$50-99.99 - $16.50;
$100-199.99 - $30.00;
$200 and up - $45.00

- shipping cost will have to be recalculated for international orders
- shipping is by land mail services (post office) which charges by weight
- books with more pages (e.g. piano accompaniments) will cost more
- with larger orders, it is sometimes cheaper to use a courier

- for faster delivery service (such as a courier)
- make a request at the time of your order using the Contact Us form at the bottom this page.
your order will then be assembled and the new shipping cost will be e-mailed to you; when you have paid the extra cost (by e-mail) your order will be shipped

- Canadian residents must be charged GST (5%)

- Classical Collection Inc is not responsible for any additional costs (Customs, Duty, Courier, etc.)

Publications currently available:

Solos with SmartMusic Accompaniment (for Flute or Clarinet)
$14.95 each (Book & CD with smp files)

Exam Preparation Kits (for Flute or Clarinet)
$14.95 each - Solo Book, Piano Accompaniment Part & Audio CD

Conservatory Books (for Flute or Clarinet)
Solo Volumes - $24.95 each (Book & Audio CD)
Piano Accompaniment to Solo Volume - $29.95 each
Studies & Technique Volume - $24.95 each (Book & Audio CD)

Wedding Music (for Flute)
Solo Books (with Piano Accomp Part & Audio CD) - $19.95 each
Duet Books - $14.95 each

Complete Works Editions (for Flute or Clarinet)
$29.95 to $39.95 each

Blues for Saxophone (for any Sax)
$14.95 each (Book & Audio CD)

The Nutcracker (for Flute, Clarinet or Saxophone)
$19.95 each (Book & Audio CD)
Piano Accompaniment to Solo Volumes - $9.95 each
Duet Volumes - $19.95 each

Christmas Collection (for almost ALL instruments)
Solo Book (with CD of SmartMusic Accompaniment) - $9.95 each
Duet Book (with Play-a-long Audio CD) - $15.95 each
Piano Accomp Book (with Play-a-long Audio CD) - $15.95 each
Quartet - Score & Parts - $29.95 each
Individual Parts (4 Part Version) - $5.95 each

Technique (for Flute, Clarinet or Saxophone)
$14.95 each

Orchestra Solos (for Flute, Clarinet or Saxophone)
$14.95 to $24.95 each (Solo part & Audio CD also smp files)
Duet Book and Piano Accompaniment (with Audio CD)

Piano Accompaniment (for Flute, Clarinet or Saxophone)
Many works already come with or have Piano Accomp (see above)
for works which come with other types of accompaniments
(MIDI, SmartMusic, Audio CDs, etc.):
most works are $9.95 each (Piano Acc Part & Audio CD)
(longer works cost more)

Contemporary Works (for Flute, Clarinet or Saxophone)
$19.95 each (with Piano Acc Part & Audio CD, also with smp Files)

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