for Flute & Clarinet

There is a great degree of similarity in Conservatory or Graded Repertoire lists world wide.  These books were prepared following the Sylibus of a Canadian Music Conservatory which has since revised their lists.  Although some pieces have been removed from lists or changed levels, all the works are standard repertoire and these books remain very useful collections. 

The levels are:
Grade 8 (end of High School)
Grade 9 (first year College or University)

For each grade there is a:

SOLO Book (with an Audio CD)

- contains 8 Solos (4 from List A & 4 from List B);
- a CD containing an Audio version of each solo (with the solo part full left & piano accompaniment full right),
- in addition to SmartMusic smp files for each piece


with the accompaniments for all of the solos

STUDIES & TECHNIQUE Book (with an Audio CD)

- contains Orchestral Excerpts, Solo Studies and Technique (scales, arpeggios, etc.);
- a CD containing Audio versions of the Orchestral Excerpts (using Full Orchestra), Solo Studies,
- in addition to SmartMusic smp files for all of the Orchestral Excerpts & Solo Studies.

CONSERVATORY BOOKS currently available:

Clarinet Grade 8

Clarinet Grade 9

Flute Grade 8

Flute Grade 9

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