Metronome, Count In &
Click Settings in SmartMuisc

To add a metronome click choose Click in the SM play Module. The button on the left turns it “on” or “off” throughout a piece (which also can be done while a file is playing). The triangle on the right gives several other choices:
accent down beat and/or play subdivisions
no countoff or 1 bar countoff or 2 bar countoff
and finally voice countoff

(Minor & very unimportant comments: I didn’t know “countoff” was a real word - I always thought of it as a “count in”! The “Voice countoff” always evokes extreme laughter with any of my students, it is good for when the need to be cheered up.)

The “countoff” also displays at the top off the music as “Get Ready”, then the beat numbers of the one or two bars fill in with colour if these options have been chosen in the Settings/Advanced settings on your SM Home page.

TIP: A click or countoff will be heard on any recording which you make. If you want to have a silent, but still visible, count in, you can set the “Click” volume to nothing, bottom right in the Settings/Microphone and speakers on your SM Home page.

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